TFICo. Bandsaw Machine

Machine Made Easier the Cutting process by TFICO manufacturer of machine and tools , the right choice for the market of UAE ( including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, RAK and Sharjah)

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Horizontal Single Column Bandsaw Machine

Bandsaw Machine Horizontal Machine with Single Column and Boosting the Speed of the Cuts. All components are installed on a well structured and firm Frame. TFICo Makes sure the Single Column are strong and durable for long run light duty jobs

Double Column TFI Bandsaw Machine

Rigid anatomy designed by TFICO Manufactured By TFICo is made to serve heavy duty tasks in market based on guidelines from Europe and With highly precise ruler on the shaft to indicate the feeding dept and pressure of bandsaw knives.


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Vertical Bandsaw Machine

Vertical TFICO made bandsaw machine suitable for different industry in middle east

Vertical machine can have variable speed and movable table and much more options as customers require like protection sensors and electronic rulers.

Applications are:



-AAC Block

-Other handy tasks and applications

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