Meat Bandsaw Knives


Butchery Industry is being supported in GCC by TFICO manufacturer of Steel Blades. We Are specialized in alloy steel and the vast various applications of Steel blades.

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Damash Model

TFICo Using its capabilities created the unique model for butchery industry to cut meat and bones using hardened band steels and hardened teeth of bandsaw knives.

Variable Sizes

To Match the highly customized demand of Market TFICo strives to have the standards updated with Machine Manufacturers in Butchery Industry. TPI (tooth per inch) in Bandsaw blades along with the Width and Thickness fitting the machines measures. 

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hardened - tooth- carbon - tc

Hardened High Carbon Teeth

We Know what our blades will cut, We Select the finest raw material suiting the right application for the bandsaw blades in meat cutting units. Using the highest technology of the day from Europe we do manufacture the bandsaw blade hardened high hardness teeth for cutting bones and meat in the market.

Quality Worth The Price

Quality is the first in our manufacturing agenda that has no meaning that the prices should be rocket high making customers pay unreasonable high prices. We Make sure as daily plan to have the price satisfaction of customers achieved. Dubai is receiving the highest bandsaw blades through TFICO in the market

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