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For over six and a half decades, manufacturers, builders, and craftsmen in the Middle East have relied on TFI Company for their saws and precision tools, ensuring consistent quality in their manufacturing processes. The TFI Co. name has become synonymous with exceptional quality, innovative products, and expert technical assistance, earning the trust of countless professionals. Our unwavering commitment to strict quality control, state-of-the-art equipment, and relentless pursuit of superior products has resulted in a diverse product line of over 12,000 items.
TFI Co. stands at the forefront of accuracy, strength, and durability, offering tools that are unparalleled in the industry. This website showcases our renowned TFI Co. Band Saw Blades, highlighting their applications and unique characteristics. Additionally, we present TFI Co. Band Saw Machines specifically designed for the metalworking industry. Discover the excellence and reliability that TFI Co. brings to the manufacturing world.

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At TFI company we believe each and every teeth for a sawblade matters. That’s why we do make sure that all of our studies about the geometry of each tooth for sawblades are meeting the criteria’s and the demand of the market for supplying premium quality of bandsaw blades to UAE market.

Bi-Metal Bandsaw Applications

Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades for UAE

Introducing TFI Co. Bi-Metal Saw Blades, the ultimate solution for cutting a wide range of metallic and non-metallic materials. Our comprehensive range caters to all cutting needs, whether you’re seeking an economical option or high-production capabilities. Our blades are designed to fit seamlessly with any model of machine, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. Trust TFI Co. for the highest-quality saw blades that deliver exceptional results in every cutting application.
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Food Industry Bandsaw Blades for UAE

In the realm of food processing, precision and efficiency are paramount. That’s why TFI Co. presents our specially crafted Food Processing blades, meticulously constructed using the finest quality specialty steels. These blades undergo a rigorous process of polishing and hardening to resist corrosion and contamination, ensuring optimal hygiene standards.

When it comes to accuracy and efficiency in food processing, our blades are the ideal choice. With their exceptional durability and resistance to wear, they guarantee reliable performance even in the most demanding food processing environments. Trust TFI Co. to provide you with the highest quality blades that meet the stringent requirements of the food industry.

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Hacksaw Blades by TFI Co.

TFI Co. presents our Power Hack Saw Blades, designed to deliver exceptional cutting performance. These blades are available in two options: Bi-Metal and Solid High-Speed Steel (HSS).Manufactured with precision by TFI Co., our Power Hack Saw Blades are offered in both metric and inch lines to cater to the diverse needs of the UAE market. We ensure that our blades are produced in mass quantities, ensuring a steady supply to meet your requirements.

Count on TFI Co. for Power Hack Saw Blades that combine durability, efficiency, and precision, providing you with the cutting-edge tools you need for your projects.

Bandsaw Blades for H beams
Bandsaw Blades for Square Tube Bundles
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Bandsaw Blades for Square Tube Bundles

Variable Pitches Bandsaw Blades by TFI Co.

TFI Co. introduces an innovative variable tooth pitch (unequal pitch) design, which revolutionizes the cutting process. Unlike traditional blades, our design alters the tooth space, height, garret, and set pattern for each cutting tooth. This meticulous control over these factors significantly minimizes blade vibration and chatter. When working with structural steel and tube materials, our blades demonstrate remarkable quietness, reducing noise levels by 10 to 30 decibels compared to regular tooth pitch blades. Furthermore, our blades effectively disperse the cut-in value among the teeth, ensuring a smooth and highly efficient cutting experience. With TFI Co.’s variable tooth pitch blades, you can achieve precise cuts while enjoying enhanced performance.

R&D for Bandsaw Blades

TFI Co., a leading manufacturer and marketer of band saw machines, blades, and cutting fluid, is committed to delivering products of exceptional quality. Our relentless dedication to the development of integrated cutting technology ensures that our products offer the utmost synergy during operation. Our team of experts conducts extensive research and testing, working tirelessly day and night with unwavering craftsmanship that allows no room for compromise. Through this relentless pursuit of excellence, we have accumulated unique know-how that sets us apart in the industry. Trust TFI Co. for cutting-edge solutions and unmatched expertise.

Bandsaw Machines for UAE

TFI Co. offers a diverse range of Band Saw Machines, each designed to meet specific cutting requirements. Here is a list of our band saw machines along with their key specifications:

  1. Model: TFI-R-100

    • Cutting Capacity: 100mm (Round), 100 x 150mm (Rectangular)
    • Blade Dimensions: 1335 x 13 x 0.65mm
    • Cutting Speeds: 38, 55, 80, 114 m/min
    • Max. Cutting Diameter at 90°: 100mm
    • Blade Speed: Variable
    • Motor Output: 1.1kW
    • Table Height: 750mm
    • Coolant Pump: Included
    • Vice Clamping: Manual
    • Blade Tensioning Type: Manual
  2. Model: TFI-R-200

    • Cutting Capacity: 200mm (Round), 200 x 200mm (Rectangular)
    • Blade Dimensions: 2360 x 20 x 0.9mm
    • Cutting Speeds: 40, 55, 75, 95 m/min
    • Max. Cutting Diameter at 90°: 200mm
    • Blade Speed: Variable
    • Motor Output: 1.5kW
    • Table Height: 780mm
    • Coolant Pump: Included
    • Vice Clamping: Manual
    • Blade Tensioning Type: Manual
  3. Model: TFI-R-300

    • Cutting Capacity: 300mm (Round), 320 x 200mm (Rectangular)
    • Blade Dimensions: 3660 x 27 x 0.9mm
    • Cutting Speeds: 25, 40, 55, 70 m/min
    • Max. Cutting Diameter at 90°: 300mm
    • Blade Speed: Variable
    • Motor Output: 2.2kW
    • Table Height: 860mm
    • Coolant Pump: Included
    • Vice Clamping: Hydraulic
    • Blade Tensioning Type: Hydraulic

Please note that the specifications mentioned above are subject to change and may vary based on specific models and configurations. For more detailed information and additional options, feel free to contact our team for personalized assistance.TFI

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