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About Bandsaw Blades

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Discover the Advantages of Our Blades:

  • The blade backer of our Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade consists of a specially alloyed spring steel, providing exceptional flexibility at a hardness of approximately 50 HRC. This unique composition ensures long fatigue life and outstanding cutting performance.
  • Cut work-hardened materials 30-40% faster, while maintaining:
    • Increased Blade Life
    • A more consistent cutting rate
    • Ideal for use on difficult-to-cut alloys
    • Multi-chip design provides higher penetration for faster cutting rates
    • New gullet design provides better chip flow

Toothing: Enhance Performance with the Right Tooth Set for Your Bandsaw Blades

When selecting your ideal bandsaw blades, tooth set plays a crucial role. In addition to tooth pitch and form, the precise set is vital for optimizing the performance of the sawblade. It ensures the proper clearance at the back, specifically tailored for the cutting application. This is essential to prevent blade pinching, especially in challenging cutting tasks. The width and type of set are finely tuned to match the unique requirements of the cutting application:

  • Standard raker set with tooth forms N and H for pitches up to 10 tpi (teeth per inch)
  • Variable group set ranging from 0.75/1.25 to 10/14 tpi for tooth form K
  • Wavy set for tooth form N with pitches from 14 to 32 tpi

Tooth pitch: Constant and variable?

  • Constant: The tooth distance is equally spaced. The number of teeth per inch (25.4 mm) indicates the tooth pitch of the saw blade.
  • Variable: The tooth distances vary within a group of teeth. The smallest and largest tooth pitch indicate the variable tooth of the saw blade.

Choosing the Correct Blade:

We carefully select the best Bandsaw blade for your factory, tailored to the specific materials you want to cut with your bandsaw machines:

  • Aluminium
  • Tubes and Profiles
  • Carbon Steel (Round bar, Square bar, Flat bar)
  • Carbon Steel Alloys
  • Cast Iron
  • Copper Alloys
  • Bundle, single-layer
  • Bundle Multi Layer
  • Corners
  • I H beams
  • Thick-walled – tubing

TFI Co. Band Saw’s product line utilizes a proprietary Extended Life Treatment applied to its alloy steel backing material. This process, combined with controlled blast peening, significantly enhances the fatigue life of the blade. It effectively reduces the occurrence of fatigue cracks that typically originate along microscopic grain boundaries.

A History of Cutting-Edge Manufacturing

Since our inception in 1965, TFI Co. Machine Tools has been at the forefront of manufacturing saws. Throughout our history, our unwavering focus has been on providing our customers with enhanced productivity and unmatched reliability.

One of the unique advantages offered by TFI Co. is our in-house production of bandsaw blades. This allows us to precisely tailor the blade characteristics to your specific machine, ensuring optimal cutting performance regardless of the material you’re working with.

Finding the Right Blade

When it comes to your sawing needs, our blades deliver proven quality and performance. TFI Co. has earned a reputation as the trusted choice for productivity and reliability. We firmly believe that “Each and every tooth matters.”

Discover the Importance of Break-in for Bandsaw Blades

  • New teeth on bandsaw blades are more delicate compared to honed teeth.
  • Break-in process eliminates premature tooth edge fracturing, ensuring long-lasting blade durability.
  • Break-in enhances the overall blade life and improves the quality of the cut finish.

How to Properly Break-in Your Bandsaw Blades?

  • Adjust the feed rate by 20% to 50% depending on the machinability of the material. Softer materials require a higher reduction in feed rate.
  • If noise or vibration occurs, make small adjustments to the blade speed or feed rate as necessary.
  • Gradually increase the feed rate until the normal cutting rate is achieved.
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