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Semi Automatic bandsaw machine TFI-380-SA

Looking for a reliable metal working bandsaw machine? Our TFI-380-SA offers a max cutting diameter of 380mm, with hydraulic clamp & blade tensioning

Semi Automatic bandsaw machine TFI-380-SA

TFI-380-SA is a reliable and high-performance bandsaw machine for cutting various types of metals. It has a maximum cutting diameter of 380mm, perfect for different sizes of round plates up to 330mm (H) x 430mm (W). With a blade speed of 26-72 m/min and blade size of 34mm x 1.1mm x 4115mm, it can cut through metals with ease. The wire brush blade cleaning feature ensures the blade stays sharp for longer periods. The machine has a main motor output of 3 kW, hydraulic motor output of 0.37 kW, and coolant pump motor output of 0.04 kW. The hydraulic workpiece clamp, manual blade tensioning, and material feed make the machine easy to use. With machine dimensions of 2150mm x 1100mm x 1450mm, it is compact and easy to store. Contact us for any questions or inquiries. 🔪💪🏭

Technical Parameters

Max. Cutting DiameterRound: 380mm
Plate: 330(H)*430(W)mm
Blade Speed26, 46, 72m/min
Blade Size34*1.1*4115mm
Blade CleaningWire brush
Main Motor3kW
Hydraulic Motor0.37kW
Coolant Pump Motor0.04kW
Machine Size (L*W*H)2150*1100*1450mm
Net Weight900kg
Workpiece ClampHydraulic
Blade TensionManual
Material FeedManual

Powerful and Precise:
With a cutting capacity of up to 380 mm and variable blade speed between 26-72 m/min, the TFI-380-SA bandsaw machine can handle a wide range of materials with precision and ease. The hydraulic workpiece clamp ensures a secure grip while cutting, and the manual blade tensioning allows for easy adjustments to ensure accurate cuts every time.
Low Maintenance:
The TFI-380-SA bandsaw machine is equipped with a wire brush blade cleaning system, which reduces blade wear and prolongs blade life. The machine also features a hydraulic workpiece clamp, which eliminates the need for manual clamping and reduces operator fatigue. With low maintenance requirements, this machine is perfect for busy workshops and production facilities.
Compact and Efficient:
The TFI-380-SA bandsaw machine is designed to take up minimal space in your workshop while still delivering maximum performance. With its compact size of 2150x1100x1450 mm, it can fit into tight spaces and still handle large workpieces. The 3 kW main motor and 0.37 kW hydraulic motor provide efficient power to get the job done quickly and accurately.
Versatile and Reliable:
Whether you’re cutting round or rectangular materials, the TFI-380-SA bandsaw machine is the perfect tool for the job. Its variable blade speed and manual blade tensioning make it ideal for cutting a wide range of materials, from steel to aluminum and more. And with its reliable hydraulic workpiece clamp and coolant pump, you can be confident in the accuracy and quality of your cuts every time. Contact us today to learn more about this versatile and reliable machine!